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This is our absolute favourite walk from the house. It is steep in places and takes you along the top cliff path, so is not for the faint hearted or those who don’t like heights. Having said that our kids love it and there is enough going on to keep the younger ones interested along the way.

Walk up the steps out of the village. At the bus stop at the top cross the road and just past the entrance to the Gwalia Falls is a footpath sign taking you left to the coastal path. Take this and follow it up. There are a couple of steep sections but this takes you up on top of the cliff with views back across Tresaith.

Follow this path all the way. You come through some fields towards Penbryn and then have the option of going left to the beach (Penbryn beach) or straight on.
If you go down to the beach and it is low tide then there are lovely caves and rock formations on the far side. If the tide is low enough (please know your tides when you leave) you can get back to Tresaith along the rocks/beach but you need to make sure the tide is going to be low enough to get past the waterfall. If in doubt then don’t. We have had to turn back a few times!!!

We would suggest going straight on to the woods. These are stunning, lush, green almost rainforest type woods. You stay on the high path until you reach the steps going down to the river valley. Take a left down the steep steps to the river. There is a wooden bridge to cross at the bottom. Beyond this if you have kids wanting to explore (carefully) there is a little waterfall other than that you walk up to the Penbryn National Trust car Park. The Plump Tart is a welcome and well loved stop for ice cream or the most wonderful tea and cake (we advise you check directly to avoid cake based disappointment... we have had it many times!)

It is open every day in the summer, weekends only out of season.
After tea and cake we would recommend walking along the road out of Penbryn past the toilets. Take a right at the cross roads and around the first corner (there is a Green house with a lovely veranda on the left) there is a bridle way on the left hand side (it goes up the right side of the house). This bridle way takes you right up to the brow of the hill. Go over a style on your right at the top and walk along through the woods. There is a double gate across the field and then a stile on your left taking you into a big field with a pond in it. Beyond the pond you will drop into another wooded area with a rope swing and then through the static caravan park. As you go out of the exit of the caravan park you take a right for 10 yards or so then left (it is almost straight ahead of you) walk down here then take a right and you are on the main road down to Tresaith. Watch for cars on this road and keep the kids close.
You can make a whole day of this by taking a picnic or you can do it in a few hours. It is a really lovely walk. Take some water with you!


This is a much easier, shorter walk but still lovely scenery. Take a left along the cliff path instead, which runs just behind the beach. There is a steep path with a few steps taking you up to the top. You then walk along the cling path with views back to Tresaith and the waterfall and then ahead to Aberporth. You pass a few view points and some lovely converted railway carriages. When you get into Aberporth you are on the same side as the Cwtch Glanomordy Cafe which serves a coffee and an ice cream with a view or a left takes you to the London Stores shop and the Playground. We tend to come back the same way. You can also go down and explore the beach.


A newer favourite introduced to us by some neighbours. Parking at Llangranog. Taking a right up the cliff path in front of Cafi Patio. Follow the path up until option to go over a style and up a hill. Walk to the top and then along to the left. Walk along behind a house with a verranda and then take a left just beyond it. Follow this path along till the end. Stunning views back to Llangranog and Tresaith and on towards Newquay. Walk down onto the point and keep your eyes peeled for dolphins. Our neighbours call it dolphin point as it never disappoints! The rock formations and views are truly incredible from this headland. Retrace your steps or come down a path no the right that hugs the coast rather than going behind the house. When you come back to Llangranog there are lots of options. Ice cream and coffee in Cafe Patio or chips in Y Cabban. The rocks and caves on Llangranog beach are impressive too. 

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