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There aren’t many places you can see a waterfall cascading onto a beach. At low tide you can walk around the rocks to the right and you will see it in all its glory. In the winter it is powerful and impressive but it flows all year round. Little kids and big kids alike just love it. Whether they are trying to dam the flow, getting under it in a wetsuit or sliding down the mossy sides it is the ultimate natural playground! At low tide beyond the waterfall you can explore the cliffs, caves and walk through the rocks towards what we call Millionaires Bay. There are rock pools and interesting rock formations beyond which can lead to hours of exploring away from the beach if it is busy.




We have left three kayaks, lifejackets and a loads of wetsuits in the shed for our guests to use. Part of the wonder of Cartrefle is just being there, right there on the beach to take the opportunities and be spontaneous depending on the weather and the tides. High tide on calm days are the perfect conditions for a kayak. Just to be on the water looking back at the bay is so calming. If you can be lucky enough to team this with a sunset or a visiting dolphin then it becomes a memory that will never leave you. Please read the instructions regarding the kayaks, make sure the bungs are in place and use the life jackets. There are fishing lines for anyone wanting to try and catch dinner.



This is something you will see all the regulars doing if you are here in the summer. Sheep Rock is the rock to the left as you look out to sea. At high tide you can jump off the far side of the rock (some also jump into the middle but you really need to know what you are doing or talk to someone who does). This can only be done at high tide and is obviously dangerous. We would suggest that you go and have a look first if there are people jumping and you are interested. We can’t recommend it as it is completely personal and you do any activities such as this at your own risk but done carefully with the right guidance this can be a lot of fun. There are smaller jumps other than jumping off the top too! 

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