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But what is there to do there? 


Charlie, the founder of the term Bendylegs, was asked to try and capture the magic of Tresaith and what we do there on video when he was 16 years old.  This is what he came up with... Despite the lack of everything above that you might find on a traditional European summer holiday time spent in Tresaith manages to create incredible memories for everyone from the very young to the very old. 


No swimming pool

No waterpark

No childcare

No tennis courts

No kids club

No laid on entertainment

A holiday in Tresaith is all about a mix of spontaneity and planning. It is important to know the tides to be able to plan your beach activities. A game of beach cricket is pretty tricky with the tide lapping at your feet. Having said that, it is all about taking the opportunities as well. Especially in the winter. Ducking out for a wintery walk having watched the weather blow over or gazing out on a flat high tide from the window seat at sunset with a cup of tea which you then leave it to get cold as you jump up to grab a kayak. Some of our most memorable adventures here have been very spontaneous. We learnt very early on in our parenting to assume the kids would get wet when leaving the house for the beach especially at low tide… there is nothing like watching them splashing around in the waterfall… who needs waterslides when you’ve got that on your door step.



We leave 3 sit on top kayaks on the 'rabbit patch' triangle of land in front or the house. These can seem like a pain to get up and down to the beach but its not really that much of a hassle. Getting out on the water and being able to look back at the village and its charm, spot the bird life, listen to the sound of the waterfall and kids enjoying the beach and to explore the coast is a magical experience. On flat days it is not uncommon to spot dolphins on the kayaks, we have had some incredible up close encounters over the years. Just be tide aware. Know whether the breeze is onshore or offshore and wear a life jacket. Even the strongest swimmer can tire easily if they capsize out at sea. 


Beach Games


Everyone has their own favourite, family beach games. We have various things you can use in the shed like buckets and spades. You can’t beat a bit of French Cricket with a big bunch of people. Rugby. Football. Rounders. Hide and seek. Base 123. Cliff to Cliff races (touching the cliff on each side of the beach). Digging the biggest hole. Sand castles. Giant turtles, sharks or mermaids made in the sand and decorated with stones and shells. Wheel barrow races. British Bull dog. Tag. Our kids all love a game of flags on the beach. It is a Surf Lifesaving game involving lying on your front with your head on your hands looking forward in a row. Some distance behind you someone puts out a line of flip flops in the sand poking up. There is one less flip-flop than there are people. Ready. Steady. Go. Your jump up turn and run to grab a ‘flag’. The one left without a flag/flipflop is out… and so on until you have a winner. It is a bit like musical chairs. Except with flip-flops and no chairs. 


Beach Fires


You are allowed beach fires no problems. Always clear up whatever you take and do not just cover over hot embers with sand for someone to walk into. We tend to dig a huge hole and have a fire in the middle and arrange some seating around the outside. You can cook breakfast on it, sausages for tea, heat hot chocolate on it and of course marshmallows. The kids love it.. whatever the weather.


This is tide dependent and variable. The rock formations are stunning with nooks and crannies to explore and bigger rocks to climb. They can get slippery in the winter. Nothing beats a good bit of bribary on a treasure hunt with the kids. They love looking for Treasure (Hariboes) on the rocks and hear the stories of the bears who live in the caves beyond the waterfall. There are various books in the house for you to use to identify shells, jellyfish etc. 

Playing in the waves

In the summer the lifeguards are on the beach to advice you but it is always good to have a bracing dip in the sea. The waves vary hugely. In some conditions the surfers flock into Tresaith and any wave based activities become spectator based from the window seats! There are body boards at the shop. We have some in the shed but they get very worn so I can't guarantee how they look! Wetsuits of all shapes and sizes will be hand to keep you in the water for more than 5 minutes!

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